Ice Sculptures


Frequently Asked Questions that EVERYBODY asks :o) 

  1. Are they really made of Ice?
    Every body asks this, and when we say "Yes", they look at us like we are lieing to them and lean over and touch it and always say "EEeeee it is real ice!!!!", as if we are going to lie :o)

  2. How long do they last?
    Well that depends on the temperature of the room, how big the sculpture is, and what your going to be using it for. For example if your using it as a Luge with Spirits, you will be pouring alcohol through it, which of course is an Anti Freeze, so this will shave a few percent of its life span. But to give you an idea of how long they go for.

    Last Year on one of the hottest days of the year, we took the sculpture out of the freezer at 12noon, put it in a non-refrigerated or air-conditioned van. Then drove 200 miles to deliver it, we then set it up on bar in nightclub that also had no airconditioning. That was on a friday evening by this time. They were only going to use it that evening, but because so little had melted, they used it on the saturday evening as well. On the sunday they called us and asked how do we get rid of it, as it wont melt :oD.

    The sculptures themselves act as a freezer, as we supply it so cold (about -35 oC) the core stays that cold for a very long time, and so keeps the surface cold as well, helping reduce the melting process.

  3. How Heavy are the sculptures
    This depends on the sculpture itself, each block we carve from is the same size, 1m x 0.5m x 0.3 metres in size. That block uncarved is about 80 kilos (aprox 13 stones), but when we start hacking lumps of it, it massively reduces its weight. A final sculptures such as a Swan is about 10 Kilos, and a Life Size Human Torso is about 15 - 20 kilos.