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The Glass Spider Logo Luge

The Glass Spider Logo/Luge

We were asked by the Glas Spider Nightclub to produce something that will work as a business tool to help sell thier drinks as well as capture the media interest and gain some free Press coverage.

So we produced a huge 15 foot long Logo, with 2 luges in either end, that was able to serve vodka through for 8hrs.

As a result there was a total of 6 pages of local press coverage in images and editorial text, so at aprox £1000 per page pro rata in advertising cost of equal size adverts we produced £6000 worth of coverage.

At one stage in the eneniing the 2 queues were about 10 mins long to buy the vodka shots. We positio0ned this away form the normal bars to help make aditional sales and not clutter up the bars which were also selling drinks.

Here are some images of us setting it up.